It has always been a challenge to bring utility service to rural areas due to the cost of construction versus the density of subscribers. This is true for electricity, telephone, and cable services alike. Our company uses a new approach to creating the infrastructure for delivery of services by eliminating the need for cables, poles, burial, and line maintenance.

When you think of wireless internet, your first thought is of the Wi-Fi you’re used to at home connecting your smartphone, tablet, and laptop to the router without the need for running network cable. Our system, though more complex, operates on the same principles. We will be able to create a mesh network in each county that covers a minimum of 90% of the population with high-speed internet services without the need for cables or fiber optics running between each subscriber location.

This wireless network will be robust and redundant, meaning that if one section of the network fails for any reason, the rest of the network will continue to work without interruption of service to the unaffected subscribers. We will be completely independent of existing infrastructure by operating off-grid with solar power. This will not only create an ecologically friendly network, but it means that we will not depend on the power grid to keep our systems up and running even in a black out

Like our network, this site is still under construction.

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